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Absinthe at Absinthe!

My absinthe is now at Absinthe

I wanted to get out our first locations to you as soon as I could last week. Now for a little backstory on why my first four days of sales blew my mind…

Folks, this is really happening. Bottles of my absinthe are now on the shelves of five Bay Area liquor stores AND two high-end bars, including Absinthe Brasserie & Bar in San Francisco!

Since I started on my long journey to create an organic, small-batch absinthe, I have long dreamt of having it served at Absinthe Brasserie & Bar. And, now, it’s happened. I can hardly believe it.

I started making absinthe around the same time the restaurant first opened its doors. I was young and broke, but I went to Absinthe Brasserie and Bar for a glass of wormwood-free Pernod whenever I could. Between Pernod and my bootleg, that was the closest those of us in San Francisco in the 90s could get to the real thing. I mused about how cool it would be to have my absinthe available at their bar. At the time, I knew nothing about launching a business, getting a spirit legal, and of course, absinthe was still a decade away from the ban being lifted. It was never illegal in the US, but that’s another story

Through the Winter 2017 Fancy Food Show I attended with my other business, NickelDime Syrups, I was introduced to Absinthe Brasserie and Bar owner, Bill Shapiro. After emailing back and forth and answering his questions about my name, which was a fun back and forth way to get to know each other, I walked in there the other day, bottle in hand, and sat down with Billie. But wait, it got even better. San Francisco uber mixologist Jonny Raglin joined us! As a friend described, it was a trio of absintheures nerding out about their favorite subject! I shared with them why my absinthe is special, that I’ve spent years perfecting the recipe. I talked about how using certified organic herbs really makes a difference in how it tastes. They agreed and decided to take a case and serve it to their customers! I was so excited to be able to tell everyone that my 20 year dream had come true!

I even shared with them some of my absinthe’s history, including how it was born from the early playa community. You can read that story on my website here.

My absinthe is now being in served in their bar. I’ll be there in a couple weeks with friends to get the thrill of ordering it at the bar. So, yes, it’s really happening.

If YOU have any leads on where ABSINTHIA should land next, please let me know, okay?

Thank you all for your support. It means the world to me.

CGF Chief Green Faery