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Organic Absinthe Blanche made in California Seeking Distribution

I am pleased to announce the release of my first product, ABSINTHIA Absinthe Supérieure Blanche!

ABSINTHIA is made with fresh, certified organic herbs from California and the Pacific Northwest and is distilled in certified organic, biodynamic grape alcohol. Made in a small-batch, copper pot still, our absinthe is individually crafted to show the subtle flavors and aromas of its ingredients. You have never smelled or tasted absinthe like this.

The entire process has been pushed forward by one determined woman with a green, glowing, fiery passion for absinthe, ABSINTHIA’s Chief Green Faery, J. Absinthia Vermut, to bring to the world a California organic absinthe with a traditional flavor profile. This is a smooth, drinkable absinthe. While a bit of sugar sweetens the louche, ABSINTHIA tastes great with just a bit of cool water, allowing you to better taste the complexities of the recipe. Please please please never light your absinthe on fire.

It is my intention to produce an absinthe for all to drink and to dispel the myths of absinthe. There is nothing more dangerous in a bottle of absinthe than anything else you may drink. It will not make you hallucinate. In fact, our bottle was tested by the Feds to ensure the thujones created by the wormwood was within legal limits. ABSINTHIA passed on the first try.

There are so many great ways to enjoy ABSINTHIA. The blanche is great in a louche, and I also suggest you try it in a Sazerac or a Corpse Reviver. In the near future, I will post a gallery of recipes on the website to make amazing absinthe cocktails.

Please contact ABSINTHIA if you are interested in pricing and samples. And if I owe you a bottle from my Indiegogo campaign, I will be in touch shortly. Thank you for your support! ?

CGF Chief Green Faery

Our beautiful Absinthia onesies, hoodies, and women tees are available again! I carefully selected the softest, most comfortable materials for the highest quality – yet still affordable – wearables. They bear our brand and URL and our signature hand drawn wormwood with a custom designed green faery. She’s so delicate and lovely, you need to look to see her among the wormwood branches, but she is most definitely there in her quirky, playful way.
They are available through our website and our etsy store. Hurry – they are selling quickly and we are already sold out of small hoodies!