A New Cosmopolitan for And Just Like That Viewing Party

A New Cosmopolitan for And Just Like That Viewing Party

Let's raise a glass to the return of the Cosmo and our beloved Sex & the City characters Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte




Anyone else excited for the HBO Sex & the City reboot And Just Like That? I feel like old friends are visiting town, and I'm so excited to catch up with them and hear about their lives! Reconnecting with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte starting December 9th will be such a winter treat. 

Do you have a few friends who are just as hooked on SATC series as you are? Are you hosting an epic viewing party with your favorite friends in your most stylish outfit? Will you have a batch of the infamous pink SATC cocktail, the Cosmo, prepared and ready to serve? 

Have you thought about trying a boldly different version of the Cosmo?


Crimson Smoke handcrafted cocktail syrup



My cosmopolitan recipe is more mature than the original - just as I imagine the SATC characters will appear in And Just Like That. In this alternative version of the classic cosmopolitan, my small-batch handcrafted syrup Crimson Smoke is center stage. I call this the Cos-moke Cocktail. Crimson Smoke is tantalizing and smoky with a touch of sweetness. It's sophisticated and grown-up just like Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. I think our favorite, most fashionable characters would approve or approve of the Cos-moke cocktail.

Crimson Smoke syrup is made with all-natural ingredients in California. This handcrafted, small batch syrup is prepared with black tea, tart cranberry, and comforting honey. Crimson Smoke's unusual and intense aroma comes from Lapsang Souchong, a cedar smoked black tea. It's a surprising experience, but if you like Mezcal, or the peated whiskies of the islands of Scotland, then you should be well primed for this flavor ride.

Bar Tools You'll Need for This Recipe

We like recipes that are easy to combine. Besides the ingredients, all you'll need is a cocktail glass and some ice.  

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Get Carried away with our Cosmo Smoke Cocktail:

Cos-moke Ingredients

1.5 oz Vodka

.75 oz Cointreau

.75 Crimson Smoke Cocktail Syrup



Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Enjoy with the new episodes from HBO's And Just Like That series


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