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How Fairy Dust was inspired by Absinthe

I love how Fairy Dust syrup evokes the spirit of absinthe! It's a unique flavor that is sweet. Try adding a little lemon to your Fairy Dust syrup to experience how it tastes like a lemon drop!

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What Makes Absinthe Louche?

The louche effect is a large part of absinthe’s history and the rituals behind drinking absinthe, including the absinthe fountain.

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The Sloe Down Santa Absinthe Cocktail Recipe

The Sloe-Down-Santa absinthe cocktail is also the perfect substitute for mimosas at brunch. Or serve this refreshing cocktail at a holiday get-together.

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Absinthia Vermut

The Value of Supporting of Women-Owned Businesses

This holiday season shop women-owned and small businesses in your community to let them know how valuable and loved they are.

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