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How to Choose a Cocktail Syrup for Bourbon

How to Choose a Cocktail Syrup for Bourbon When it comes to bourbon or whiskey cocktails, the sky's the limit. There are so many different possibilities for flavors and combinations that the only challenge is deciding which ones to try first!    I have four small-batch cocktail syrups in my online store: Caged Heat, Crimson Smoke, Cherry Bomb, and Fairy Dust. Each syrup was created for home mixology and home bars. My goal with these syrups is to make your home bar the hottest spot in town!  My syrups are made in California and are zero-alcohol, gluten-free, and approximately 100...

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Absinthia Vermut

The Caged Heat Margarita - How to Make the Perfect Spicy Margarita

What's more satisfying than a cold drink with spice and character? Here's our spicy Caged Heat Margarita variation.

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