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How to Use Absinthe in Cocktails

I think absinthe is a worthwhile spirit to add to your home bar. Absinthe in cocktails adds sophistication and improves your amateur home mixology game! Here I will outline absinthe's versatility and how absinthe can be used in cocktails.

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How Fairy Dust was inspired by Absinthe

I love how Fairy Dust syrup evokes the spirit of absinthe! It's a unique flavor that is sweet. Try adding a little lemon to your Fairy Dust syrup to experience how it tastes like a lemon drop!

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How to Make a Fairy Dust Old Fashioned

Our Fairy Dust Old Fashioned recipe substitutes classic ingredients with our small batch anise-infused syrup. This recipe forms a modern day union between the classic cocktails Old Fashioned and the Sazerac.

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