The Oscars 2022: Serving up Absinthe at an A-list Event

The Oscars 2022: Serving up Absinthe at an A-list Event

The Oscars 2022: Serving up Absinthe at an A-list Event

The Oscars are the gold standard of awards ceremonies! I had the great pleasure of showcasing my handcrafted Absinthe at a pre-Oscar gifting event. It was so exciting to be a part of it!

Absinthia at the 2022 Oscars Gifting Suite

I met so many amazing people at the party and had the chance to catch up with some awesome people I befriended from the previous Emmy's events that I participated in.

Before heading to LA, I had to prep sample sizes of my three Absinthe flavors: Blanche, Verte, and my new Barrel Aged. The Barrel Aged Absinthe starts with my award winning Absinthe Blanche and rests in an American Oak barrel for six months. The results make for a deliciously balanced and distinctive Absinthe that has creamy notes of vanilla and caramel.

With the samples, I wanted to present something that complimented the aesthetic of my Absinthe bottles. I had these great custom boxes and labels made just for this occasion. The labels were printed from Sticker Mule. Sticker Mule was a fast, easy and convenient way for me to get custom printed labels that fit the unique size of the sample bottles.


Bottles for Absinthe sample pack


 Absinthia Absinthe sample bottles with custom labels​ were printed from Sticker Mule.


After packing up all the samples I was off to LA for the event. The event was hosted by Monique Lore Stinson, event host extraordinaire at Capaquarius Media in association with WOW! Productions.

It was great to see some familiar vendors and meet new people making stellar products.

This was my first time presenting the new Barrel Aged Absinthe to a wide audience. I've been so excited to share this with the world! The response was overwhelmingly positive! One thing that I really enjoy about presenting Absinthe at events is the opportunity to share with people the history of Absinthe and all that I know. People are becoming more familiar with Absinthe, but the best part is sharing this unique spirit with someone who has never tried it before. Presenting Absinthe in an attractive and favorable way is one of my favorite aspects of what I do.

At this event I got to meet Leif Garett, the teen heartthrob from the 70s! We talked Absinthe and shared stories. Meeting Leif was certainly a highlight of my day!

I'm certainly looking forward to sharing my Absinthe at another Hollywood event soon! Next stop, the MTV Awards!


Absinthia with Leif Garrett


Absinthia with Samantha Bailey & Jax Malcolm


Absinthia with Matt Sarafa


Absinthia with Lynne Curtin


Absinthia with Dustin Quick



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  • Cindy

    ♥️ The pic of you & Leif so glad you got to meet him. Isn’t he an awesome person, you are certainly lucky!

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