The Sloe Down Santa Cocktail Recipe

All of the presents for Hanukkah or Christmas have been found. Now it’s time to slow down, unwind, and enjoy a festive cocktail with your evening. The Sloe-Down-Santa absinthe cocktail is also the perfect substitute for mimosas at brunch. Or serve this refreshing cocktail at a holiday get-together.

Bar tools needed

The Sloe-Down-Santa cocktail requires mixing and combining the ingredients in two parts. Prepare your home bar with a mixing glass that has a pouring spout or a cocktail shaker with a strainer.

Use a dasher bottle like the one in my absinthe shop or a clean, and empty, small spray bottle to fill with absinthe for the steps that include spritzing.

Absinthe Recipe

3/4 oz Odd Society Salal gin

1/2 oz Odd Society Oaken Wallflower gin

1/2 oz hibiscus flower syrup

1/4 oz Gifford Menthe de Pastille

3 oz champagne (preferably sparkling rosé)

3 sprays of Absinthia Absinthe

Step 1. Combine ice, Gin, Hibiscus Flower Syrup, and Gifford Menthe de Pastille in a cocktail strainer or mixing glass and stir well.

Step 2. Spray a Champagne flute with 1 spritz of Absinthia Absinthe

Step 3. Slowly pour the mixture from the mixing glass (cocktail shaker) into the flute until ⅓ full.

Step 4. Slowly top the remaining flute with Champagne.

Step 5. Garnish with a candy cane and dried hibiscus flower on the rim and two spritzes of Absinthe mist on top.


Need more ideas for great tasting Absinthe cocktails? Check out my library of absinthe recipes.


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