What Does Absinthe Taste Like?

What Does Absinthe Taste Like?

From Anise to Wormwood: Understanding the Flavors of Absinthe


Absinthe is distinguished from other spirits by its inclusion of the "holy trinity" of herbs: wormwood, anise, and fennel. These herbs impart distinct flavors and aromas, contributing to Absinthe's unique profile. Additionally, the production process typically involves macerating or distilling these herbs with a neutral base spirit, resulting in a beverage with a refreshing herbal note and a range of botanical and citrus flavors. But what does Absinthe taste like?

Thanks to its versatility in mixed drinks, the United States is starting to embrace Absinthe. Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits has been a part of Absinthe’s remarkable comeback for over 10 years. We proudly offer different styles of Absinthe that includes variations in herbal intensity, sweetness, and complexity. For example, our Blanche style emphasizes the anise flavor, while our Verte highlights the earthy notes of wormwood.

Continue reading to discover the unique flavor profiles of each of our award-winning Absinthes!


A Detailed Guide to Absinthia's Absinthe Unique Flavor Profiles

Product photograph of Absinthia Absinthe Blanche

Absinthia Absinthe Blanche

Ingredients: base grape neutral spirits, grande wormwood, sweet fennel seeds, aniseed, coriander

Absinthia's Absinthe Blanche is an excellent example of a light and approachable Absinthe. Born from the traditional Swiss recipe, this Absinthe has a well-balanced palate that features the time-honored notes of anise, fennel, and wormwood herbs.

Our Absinthe Blanche is light and crisp with hints of fragrance. When mixed with ice, the anise and fennel flavors emerge to form a light-bodied spirit with a smooth finish. It starts clear and louches to a pearly white when mixed with ice.

During the ban, the Blanche became popular because if you didn’t color your absinthe green, nobody knew what was in the bottle!


Product photograph of Absinthia Absinthe Verte

Absinthia Absinthe Verte

Ingredients: base grape neutral spirits, to distill grande wormwood), sweet fennel seeds, aniseed, coriander

Coloring herbs: hyssop, melissa (lemon balm), petite wormwood

Absinthia Absinthe Verte is a crisp and dry Absinthe. It has a cascade of complex flavors that pop in the palate. This is a fennel forward spirit with upfront notes of anise. You'll find hints of lemon and an earthy, grassy flavor. Featuring grande wormwood, anise, fennel, and coriander, it has a smooth but pronounced flavor profile, making it perfect to sip neatly over ice. No need for sugar, as the grapes impart a natural sweetness.

 Product photograph of Absinthia Absinthe Bleue

Absinthia Absinthe Bleue

Ingredients: base grape neutral spirits, grande wormwood, sweet fennel seeds, aniseed, coriander, extract of butterfly pea flower

Absinthia Absinthe Bleue is an innovative spirit that redefines Absinthe sophistication. It celebrates the flavor of Absinthe with the bold visual artistry of butterfly pea flower, delivering an eye-catching vibrant blue hue that turns purple when citrus is added. Each sip unfolds bright floral notes, creating a well-balanced and medium-bodied spirit.

Absinthe Bleue makes a unique building block for playful cocktails such as Corpse Reviver and Death at Midnight.


Absinthia Barrel Aged Absinthe

Ingredients: base grape neutral spirits, grande wormwood, sweet fennel seeds, aniseed, coriander, rested in rye oak barrels

Rested in retired rye oak barrels, the Barrel-Aged Absinthe has more depth and character than fans of Absinthe typically associate with this spirit.

The Barrel-Aged Absinthe is an absinthe that has legs! It has an emboldened palate with notes of vanilla and a chardonnay-like oakiness. It's a full-bodied spirit that lingers on the tongue but is unpretentious and flavorful.

Our Barrel-Aged Absinthe is enjoyable neat over ice, and it also works beautifully in cocktails like Sazeracs, Negronis, and Bloody Marys.

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