What I learned at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022

What I learned at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending Bar Convent Brooklyn. 


Absinthia Absinthe

Absinthia Vermut - owner of Absinthia Absinthe at Bar Convent Brooklyn


Bar Convent Brooklyn is a two-day trade fair and a premier event for beverage and bar industry professionals. It started in Berlin and has become the leading international bar and beverage trade show. It made its Brooklyn debut in 2018 and has been growing ever since. It's an invite-only and curated event built on connecting people in the global beverage industry. 

What I enjoy about Bar Convent Brooklyn is that it is a parade of experts from the bar and beverage community, including parts of the industry like bartenders, PR teams, and distillers like myself. It's all about connecting and building valuable relationships. It's such a rich environment where ideas and knowledge are exchanged with best practices. We all celebrate and value taste, so having a chance to sample new products and offer my Absinthe and hand-crafted syrups as samples was enriching. 

I thrive on in-person conversations, and being back with this community was a thrill. I got to see friends I had not seen in years and made new friends. The best part was meeting some of these stellar people I've gotten to know over Zoom meetings in real life! It was an action packed event doing business with industry experts. And I'm happy to say I was invited to attend Bar Convent Berlin!


Inspired Spirits Consultant & founder Seth Gibbs and a friend 


Bar Convent Brooklyn was held at Industry City, a Brooklyn creative hub that overlooks the waterfront. I was swooning over this gorgeous historical building. The building that is now Industry City was called Bush Terminal. Bush Terminal was a huge shipping port that thrived from 1890 to the 1960s. After Bush Terminal closed, the site was left in decay for about 50 years. Having the chance to visit Brooklyn where my grandparents grew up and see the travel destination it's become was a cool experience for me. 


Pomp & Whimsy founder Nicola Nice


I was set up in the Park Street Emerging Brand Pavilion. My booth was packed with samples of all my products, where I served flights of Absinthe and tastings of my syrups:

The people at the convention are a different class of educated industry people. They have extensive knowledge of spirits and a deep value for quality taste. So receiving fantastic feedback about all my products has encouraged me. I was even called a wizard for the flavors! That's a compliment I'll carry with me for a long time. Presenting so many samples, I learned that people really enjoy my Barrel Aged Absinthe, with many calling it their favorite!


Laura Peet and I finally met in person after nearly 3 years of working together


The Barrel Aged Absinthe is a new way to enjoy your Absinthe. It's barrel aged for 6 months which contributes to its unique flavor profile that is not found in other Absinthes. The Barrel Aged Absinthe blends beautifully with other botanicals for a deliciously balanced taste. It's also exquisite on its own over ice. 

Grab a bottle today!

Learn more about the differences between the Absinthe flavors in my blog post Every Style of Absinthia Absinthe Explained. 


Jerrod from Best Cocktails


While I was pouring samples and talking about Absinthe, I discovered that I won two more awards! 

My Absinthe Verte won Gold Medal for the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition! And it won a Silver Medal for the 2022 New York International Spirits Convention!






My biggest takeaway from attending Bar Convent Brooklyn has been the clarity I gained for where I want my brand to go. I'm a small woman-owned business in an industry that has some very big players. Bar Convent Brooklyn is educational in many ways. Not just from their curated sessions presented by recognized industry leaders. It's also educational from the conversations with bar and beverage professionals. Seeing and conversing with the bigger brands at an industry event has helped me recognize where I want to activate my brand. I'm seeing my business in a whole new way and am ready to bring more focus on wholesale and distribution. I'm also prepared to be more active in the community presenting at conferences and sharing my knowledge about Absinthe. 

If you are interested in having me present about Absinthe, please contact me at info@absinthia.com.

For wholesale and distribution inquiries, please connect with me at info@absinthia.com

In the meantime, I will take a short pause on writing blog content while I inhabit my laser-focus skills and expand my business into new horizons.

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