Barrel-Aged Absinthe: The Timeless Spirit with a Modern Twist

Barrel-Aged Absinthe: The Timeless Spirit with a Modern Twist

Barrel Aged Absinthe has arrived!

Product photograph of Absinthia Bottled Spirits Barrel Aged Absinthe


After 20 years of playing with the green fairy, I genuinely believe that Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. This is why I am over the moon to introduce you to the newest evolution in my line of Absinthe - the barrel aged Absinthe! 

Absinthe has always had a storied reputation. Most of it is fiction. Some of it is facts. No matter the history, or the details, I have always seen Absinthe as a wonderful canvas for innovation. 

I recognized the American passion for aged brown spirits and knew it was the right time to leverage a new chapter for Absinthe in the US by concocting a barrel aged version. This singular expression of Absinthe truly strikes a balance between timeless flavor and modern mixology - which is the ethos of my brand. 

This Absinthe is an aged version of my award-winning Absinthe Blanche. Each distinctive Absinthe in my line is crafted from the vintage Swiss recipe and distilled in small batches using a copper pot. It is then distilled a second time with fresh, organic botanicals of wormwood, star anise, fennel seed, and coriander seed. 

Want to know more about how Absinthe is made? Please read my latest blog post How Absinthe is Made.

This new barrel aged iteration was transferred to American Oak barrels that previously held distilled natural spirits for one year and was aged for 6 months. This process allows the Absinthe to pick up notes of vanilla from the wood that transforms into a distinguished and smooth Absinthe with unparalleled flavor. 

The months spent maturing in a charred barrel mellows the anise and brings out delicious creamy notes of vanilla and caramel that blend beautifully with the other botanicals. It is deliciously balanced and distinct.

I sent a bottle to Seth Austin, a spirits specialist and beverage consultant in New York, who owns Inspired Spirits Consulting. He has this to say of the barrel aged Absinthe: "It's really nice, you get some nice honey and caramel notes. Light vanilla, and the edges are softened as a whole." Follow Seth on Instagram for more Inspired Spirits content.


I can't wait for mixologists to experiment with unique absinthe blend. I think it's a welcome addition to any home bar and perfect for any spirit connoisseur.

Act quickly because this gorgeously crafted barrel aged Absinthe is a limited edition! There are only 30 6-pack cases available. Each bottle is beautifully composed and delivered in attractive 375 ml bottles. Sales for the barrel aged Absinthe will be available in a couple of weeks!

I am incredibly proud of this Absinthe and believe it truly represents the best of both worlds - classic absinthe flavor combined with modern mixology. If you are looking for exceptional Absinthe to add to your collection, I urge you to try my barrel aged Absinthe!


Product photograph of Absinthia Bottled Spirits Barrel Aged Absinthe

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