Every Style of Absinthia Absinthe Explained

Every Style of Absinthia Absinthe Explained

Every Style of Absinthia Absinthe Explained

Product photograph with three bottles of Absinthia Absinthe against a white background.


Absinthe has been bringing subtleties to cocktails and the snifter since the late 1800s.

If you're anything like me, then you're always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy your Absinthe. And what better way to do that than to learn about all the different types of Absinthia Absinthes?

Read on to learn every style, so that you can make the most out of your next Absinthe tasting experience. Whether you prefer your Absinthe neat or with a splash of water, there's sure to be a perfect match for you.

  • Absinthia's premium Absinthes uses Biodynamic grapes and certified organic herbs
  • Blanche, Verte, or the new Barrel Aged Absinthe: it doesn't matter which because they're all sophisticated and elegant additions to a modern home bar. 
  • There's no need to mess around with sugar. Absinthia Absinthes are naturally sweetened and full of herbaceous flavor.
  • Absinthia Absinthes are also award winners! From the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, London Spirits Competition, New York International Spirits Competition, and more!



        Bottles of Absinthia Blanche Absinthe with spirit competition awards drapped over them. 


        About Absinthia Absinthe

        Twenty-six years ago, I taught myself how to make Absinthe at home. This was before Absinthe became legal in the United States. This endeavor eventually launched me into a business owner and founder of a bottled spirits company! My Absinthe is based on the authentic Swiss recipe. It is handcrafted, organic, and has won numerous awards.

        Did you know Absinthe is originally from the Val-de-Travers, in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel? It is distilled and made from a blend of anise, fennel, wormwood - known as the Trinity of Herbs - and other botanicals. The late 1800s ushered in an era of freethinkers, bohemians, and artists who gravitated to this Green Fairy spirit. It was particularly favored by the French. Switzerland banned this spirit in 1910. It took until 2005 before Switzerland legalized it once again. Not long after, the United States and the EU lifted ban restrictions for Absinthe. 

        I love making Absinthe! I love the nuance of its history - how it has been a misunderstood beverage and needlessly made illegal throughout most of the world for nearly 100 years. But I really love it because it is delicious!

        Many modern Absinthes are harsh and bitter, so when someone new to drinking Absinthe tries it, they think they do not like it because of the bitter taste.

        I have worked diligently to create a smooth and delicious Absinthe that's not harsh or bitter. Rather it is full of luscious flavors with a soft and round finish. Concentrating on the uniqueness of Absinthie's flavor profile and making it juicy rather than bitter allows people to taste how the Holy Trinity of herbs works together to form this remarkable spirit. I think you'll enjoy my Absinthe, especially my new Barrel Aged blend.


        Absinthia Absinthe Blanche



        My award winning blanche is bottled straight out of the still. Using grape neutral spirits, we macerate grande wormwood, aniseed, fennel, and coriander and then toss it all into the still. What comes out is clear, delicious, and louches a beautiful blue-white. I love this in cocktails where a mellower absinthe flavor is needed, and on the rocks with a splash of cold water. This is a great absinthe for the first timer and the experienced absinthe drinker.

        ​​Highlights of Absinthia Absinthe Blanche:

        • ​​Award Winning: Blanche (gold in NY and SF, silver in London)
        • Bottled Straight from the Still for a Clear, Delicious, Louched Absinthe
        • Uses a Grape Neutral Spirits
        • Macerates Grande Wormwood, Aniseed, Fennel, and Coriander

        Liqour.com recently had a review of different Absinthes on the market and my Blanche made their list of 8 Absinthes to Try Right Now. Here's what they had to say:

        "The slender, tall bottle is more like that of eau de vie than what you’d expect for absinthe, and this certified-organic producer stands apart in other ways, too. The clear spirit is distilled at Marian Farms in Fresno, California, using biodynamically farmed grapes. The anise in this 55% ABV bottle is subtle and laced into other minty, citrusy botanicals, along with a pop of sage. It’s soft, sprightly, and fresh".

        Absinthia Absinthe Verte


        Product photograph of Absinthia Absinthe Verte on a wooden table with a cocktail glass that is filled with louched absinthe.


        It took me more than ten prototypes in the course of a year to perfect my Absinthe Verte. For the Verte, I create a stronger distillate than the blanche and soak it in herbs for natural coloration. The result is a gorgeous peridot green, which just so happens to be my birthstone and my favorite color. This Absinthe louches an opaque yellow-green and tastes fantastic with cool water in any Absinthe cocktail. Absinthe verte is the green Absinthe most people think of when they think about Absinthe. All of our Absinthes are crafted to be enjoyable without sugar.

        Do you know that some Absinthe are artificially colored to get that green fairy green? When shopping for Absinthe, if you find a clear bottle with a bright, almost nuclear green liquid, you can bet it was artificially colored. This means that it is not a true Absinthe. 

         Highlights of Absinthia Absinthe Verte:

        • My Absinthe verte is a perfect balance of strength and flavor
        • I only use natural herbs for coloration. We create a stronger distillate than the blanche, and soak it in herbs for natural coloration
        • My Absinthe louches an opaque yellow-green and tastes fantastic with cool water and ice
        • Absinthia Absinthe is crafted without sugar for a pure taste experience
        • My Absinthes are some of the most versatile on the market, mixable with any cocktail
        Christopher Null, the founder and editor in chief of Drink Hacker, took time to enjoy and review my Absinthe in his well known Drink Hacker reviews. Here's what he had to say about the Verte:

          "A somewhat yellow-tinted green, it’s fair to say there’s more going on with this absinthe, which drinks neat with a more aggressive note of earthy forest floor and some bitter, almost amaro-like punchiness. The notes of lemon peel from the Blanche follow over on this expression, and given time the finish exudes exotic, jasmine-scented floral notes. Louches rather weakly, but its herbal elements shine well with some water and a pop of sugar."


              Absinthia Barrel Aged Absinthe

              Product photograph of a bottle of Absinthia Barrel Aged Absinthe on a metal tray with a cocktail glass that is filled with louched absinthe.


              I start with my award winning Absinthe Blanche. It rests in an American Oak barrel for six months, and the results are delicious! The months spent maturing in a charred barrel mellows the anise and brings out delicious creamy notes of vanilla and caramel that blend beautifully with the other botanicals. It is deliciously balanced and will be a distinctive addition to modern mixology.

              Highlights of Absinthia Barrel Aged Absinthe:

              • Get a unique and delicious Absinthe that's barrel aged for 6 months
              • Barrel aging gives a unique flavor profile not found in other Absinthes.
              • Award winning Absinthia’s Absinthe Blanche is used as the base.
              • Blends beautifully with other botanicals for a deliciously balanced taste

              Try it in an Abs-Groni!

              Pour Equal parts Absinthia Absinthe Barrel Aged, Campari, and Vermouth of your choice into a cocktail glass with ice. Sip & enjoy!

              Seth Austin, a spirits specialist and beverage consultant in New York, who owns Inspired Spirits Consultin, has this to say about the Barrel Aged Absinthe: "It's really nice, you get some nice honey and caramel notes. Light vanilla, and the edges are softened as a whole." 



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