Green Fairy Molecular Sazerac Recipe

Green Fairy Molecular Sazerac Recipe


50ml Hennessy Fin de Cognac
5ml Gomme
3 dashes Peychauds bitters
Absinthe Air Garnish
1.2g lecithin granules (available at Holland & Barrett)
10ml Absinthia Absinthe Superieure
100ml hot water


To make the Sazerac:
Stir the Hennessy Fin de Cognac with the Gomme and Peychauds bitters. Strain into a small wine glass or eggcup.

To make the Absinthe air:
Mix the lecithin granules with hot water and the Absinthe. Aerate using a battery-operated portable fish tank pump. When fluffy and light it is ready to be spooned over the Sazerac.
Check out Gomme here:

Absinthia Absinthe Verte

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