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A Laughter Filled Conversation with Barrel Strength Talent

Do you like learning about the history of Absinthe? Absinthia at Tales of the Cocktail July 2022 Reading about Absinthe's fascinating history is one of my favorite pastimes. I've read so much about its history that I began referring to myself as an Absinthe historian at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Absinthe historian is appropriate considering my enthusiasm for the Greeny Fairy and how everything I learn about it impacts how I make my Absinthe. I had the great pleasure of sitting with Lia Niskanen for an interview at Fort Hamilton Distillery in Brooklyn, NY. Lia is the...

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Absinthia Vermut

The Rise and Fall of Absinthe: A Propaganda Poster Story

When most people think of Absinthe, they probably imagine a banned hallucinogenic drink or artwork depicting it as a muse. This is thanks to a massive propaganda campaign against Absinthe that began in the late 1800s. Explore the history and myths of this campaign and how it ultimately led to the prohibition of Absinthe through the propaganda posters that helped spread the misinformation about the Green Fairy. Absinthe's Complex History (or Absinthe's Bad Reputation) It's a fact that Absinthe was given a bad reputation, but it started off as a golden spirit sought after by all kinds of people and...

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Breaking the status quo with Simone Biles & Amy Bream

What do Absinthe, cyber security and all-star athletes have in common? I'm happy to announce that Palette SF invited me back for another exciting event

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How Vintage Absinthe Posters Became Art

If you're a fan of Art Nouveau and vintage posters, then you're sure to love the art of absinthe advertising. This type of poster was popular in the late 19th century and helped give absinthe its enigmatic reputation.

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