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Stainless Steel Cocktail Kit Bars Set Tools With Stand Free Shipping

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Tuo 750ml Stand
13BZ 750ml Stand
13BZ 750 600ml Stand
13BZ B550ml Stand
13BZ RG550ml Stand
13BZ G550ml Stand
13BZ B800600ml Stand
13BZ RG800600mlStand
13BZ G800600ml Stand
13BZ 700ml Stand
13BB 750ml Stand
13BB 750 600ml Stand
13BB B550ml Stand
13BB RG550ml Stand
13BB G550ml Stand
13BB B800600ml Stand
13BB RG800600mlStand
13BB G800600mlStand
13BB 700ml Stand
Tuo 700ml Stand
Tuo 750 600ml Stand
Tuo B550ml Stand
Tuo RG550ml Stand
Tuo G550ml Stand
Tuo B800600ml Stand
Tuo RG800600ml Stand
Tuo G800600ml Stand
6Pc 750ml
7Pc 750 600ml
6Pc B550ml
6Pc RG550ml
6Pc G550ml
7Pc B800600ml
7Pc RG800600ml
7Pc G800600ml
750ml Shaker
750 600ml Shaker
B550ml Shaker
RG550ml Shaker
G550ml Shaker
B800600ml Shaker
RG800600ml Shaker
G800600ml Shaker
700ml Shaker

Use this cocktail kit to mix all your Absinthia Craft Cocktails!

shaker color: black silver gold rose gold

capacity: 550ml 750ml 750/600ml 800/600ml