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Tales of the Cocktail - A Week at the New Orleans Ritz Carleton

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending Tales of the Cocktail. The sign on my table at Meet the Distiller made it into an article! Read on...   Absinthia Vermut - Founder & CEO of Absinthia's Bottled Spirits at Tales of the CocktailPhoto by Athea Merredyth Tales of the Cocktail happens every year in New Orleans. This was the first in-person Tales, as we call it, since 2019, and the excitement was even higher than usual because of it! For the first time since its inception, the event was held outside the French Quarter at the Ritz Carlton. My lovely assistant Athea...

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What I learned at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending Bar Convent Brooklyn. Bar Convent Brooklyn is a two-day trade fair and a premier event for beverage and bar industry professionals.

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Absinthe Recipes for your Sun Sign

Cocktail Recipes for your Horoscope: There’s an Absinthe cocktail to match your sun sign Align your cocktail with the suns and the stars by enjoying these recipes selected for each astrological sun sign.

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Absinthia Vermut

The Rise and Fall of Absinthe: A Propaganda Poster Story

When most people think of Absinthe, they probably imagine a banned hallucinogenic drink or artwork depicting it as a muse. This is thanks to a massive propaganda campaign against Absinthe that began in the late 1800s. Explore the history and myths of this campaign and how it ultimately led to the prohibition of Absinthe through the propaganda posters that helped spread the misinformation about the Green Fairy. Absinthe's Complex History (or Absinthe's Bad Reputation) It's a fact that Absinthe was given a bad reputation, but it started off as a golden spirit sought after by all kinds of people and...

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