Goth Zombie Recipe

Goth Zombie Recipe

Goth Zombie Recipe


What ingredients are combined to make a Goth Zombie cocktail? Three different rums and Absinthia Absinthe Superieure. It's an impressive cocktail that makes a great addition to any zombie party.

1 1/2 oz Appleton Estate rum
1 1/2 oz Don Q Añejo rum
1 oz Lemon Hart 151 Demerara rum
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz Donn’s mix (1:2 cinnamon syrup: grapefruit juice)
1 tsp grenadine 
1/2 oz Velvet falernum
1 dash absinthe Absinthia Absinthe Superieure
1 dash angosturahouse bitters

Whip shake all ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice, and dump about 1/3 of it into a tall glass. Add fresh crushed ice to glass.
Add a pinch of activated charcoal to the remaining mix in your shaker, shake again, and pour into glass. Add a bit more crushed ice. Garnish with mint and an orchid, and sip with a @surfsidesips black straw!

Absinthia Absinthe Verte

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95 Points Gold Beverage Testing Institute Best in Category - the only Absinthe to achieve a 95 point rating!
Gold & Best Absinthe 2023 New Orleans Spirits Competition
Gold 2023 Chilled Magazine Bartender's Choice Spirits Award, Best in Class Absinthe
Gold 2023 Bartender Spirits Award
Gold 2023 Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spirits Challenge
Double Gold 2022 Sunset Magazine Best Liqueur
Gold 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Silver 2022 New York International Spirits Competition
Gold 2021 Woman Owned Business Proof Awards

Experience the Sophistication of this Swiss-style Verte

Flavor Profile: crisp, dry, complex, cascade of flavors, fresh, grassy, earthy, light aftertaste

Ingredients: base grape neutral spirits to distill, grande wormwood, sweet fennel seeds, aniseed, coriander

Coloring herbs: hyssop, melissa (lemon balm), petite wormwood

Description: Absinthia Absinthe Verte is a hallmark of quality Absinthe. It's a Swiss-style Verte that boasts an earthy, grassy flavor with a natural sweetness. Our Verte is a fennel-forward spirit with upfront notes of anise that pop on the palate.

Our Verte features the holy trinity of grande wormwood, anise, and fennel, with the addition of coriander, which produces a pronounced flavor profile. This unique blend of complex flavors expresses hints of lemon to earthy & grassy notes. It's a perfectly balanced spirit from its smooth start to its light aftertaste.  

It's also a testament to the art of traditional Absinthe distillation, which delivers a brilliantly clear, colorless spirit. We then meticulously soak the spirit in a bath of hyssop, melissa (lemon balm), & petite wormwood to produce a beautiful green hue.

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