Absinthe Gift Collection
Absinthe Gift Collection
Absinthe Gift Collection
Absinthe Gift Collection

Absinthe Gift Collection

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A Deliciously Perfect Way to Try Our Absinthe

Absinthia's Sample Packs Make Great Gifts!

2 oz bottles of each of our absinthes in a gorgeous box with recipes!
(Enough for 6 cocktails or more). 

Crafted grape neutral spirit
Distilled botanicals
Absinthe's Holy Trinity:
Artemisia Absinthium
Wormwood, Fennel, Anise

All ingredients are organic.
We never use artificial anything!
No artificial colors or sugar.
Absinthia Absinthes are true to vintage Swiss recipes.
55% ABV or 110 proof. 

Absinthe Blanche - Straight out of the still. We love sipping on this with ice cold water! Once distilled, absinthe is aromatic, brilliantly clear, & colorless. The anise causes the louche effect that turns the absinthe a milky white with a slight blue (blanche) or green (verte) haze when water is added. This is a wonderful Absinthe to sip on with ice cold water & in many classic cocktails.

Absinthe Verte - We start just like the blanche. After distilling, we soak the Absinthe in herbs (proprietary) to enhance the color & add even more fresh herbal flavor. Always organic, never artificially colored.

Absinthe Barrel Aged (reposado) - Our blanche has rested in rye barrels for four months to create this unique barrel aged Absinthe. Try this instead of Gin in cocktails such as Negronis, Bees Knees, & Bloody Marys!

Absinthia's Absinthes are:
    •    Gluten free
    •    Artificial color free
    •    Sugar free
    •    Organic Ingredients
    •    Made in California

Shipping available within the United States. 

Absinthe is always enjoyable when it is simply paired with cold water. Absinthia Absinthes are designed to be refreshing & flavorful without sugar. No need to add a sugarcube unless it fits your mood. 

Fill your favorite cocktail glass with 1oz of Absinthia Absinthe Verte  then pour 1oz of cold water over & watch it louche. 

Absinthe Cocktails: 

Explore the possibilities with recommended concoctions such as the classic Sazerac, the revitalizing Corpse Reviver No 2, or the effervescent Death in the Afternoon. Discover your own favorite from our extensive collection of Absinthe cocktail recipes.