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From Bootlegger to Businesswoman!

From Bootlegger to Businesswoman!

RADICALLY INCLUSIVE INVESTING Last night, a few friends and I celebrated my “birthday,” that is, the 22nd anniversary of the night I served my first bootleg bottles of absinthe and was first called Absinthia. 22 years to the day, I announced my very first INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! You can check out all the details on the…

National Absinthe Day

Happy National Absinthe Day!   When I first started making it in 1997, I never expected the absinthe prohibition to be repealed, as it was on March 5, 2007. We’ve learned so much about it since those days, such as:• Absinthe is not hallucinogenic. Never has been!• It isn’t why Van Gogh cut off his…

LA, Reviews, And Edwardian Ball

Welcome new clients! Restaurants: Restaurant Damas and Scopa Italian Roots Shops: Bar Keeper Silverlake, K&L Hollywood, Mill Valley Market, The Mixing Glass, and Vintage Wine & SpiritsScroll down for a delicious recipe and a note from the Green Fairy… K&L Wines is now offering our absinthe at all three of their locations. It has been selected…

Dark Kabaret, Edwardian Ball, Midway SF, and more!

Hello from Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits, where it is always L’Heure Verte! This week, I have several really cool events to share with you. In addition to spending as much time as possible bar hopping – where I come home sober and exhausted but with more places for you to pick up a bottle or enjoy…

Press Here

Things are really starting to happen fast around here! I’ve been published three times, customers are asking for more product, and events are asking me to be a sponsor! Last winter, my NickelDime (makers of Caged Heat cocktail syrup) business partner, Jared Hirsch, and I met a Jewish food writer who runs a group on Facebook…

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