Origin Story of Cherry Bomb

Origin Story of Cherry Bomb

Origin Story of Cherry Bomb

Absinthia's Bottled Spirits is a small business created out of a love for cocktails.


If this is your first time visiting, read these blog posts to unearth my story and learn about my wild love affair with absinthe. It's this history that propelled me to launch my own small business.

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But did you know that I have an equal love for handcrafted cocktails? I love the variety a mixed drink can offer. Encouraged by my good friend Jared Hirsch, we established small-batch, handcrafted syrups based on our passion for mixed drinks. These cocktail syrup flavors were created by a pair of cocktail experts: Myself, a knowledgeable expert in absinthe, and Jared, an expert in delivering perfectly innovative drinks with unique flavors.


After we successfully launched Caged Heat cocktail syrup into the world we started to develop Cherry Bomb.


Named for the beloved Runaways Cherry Bomb song, we wanted to capture something as complex as the lyrics - with cherry being the obvious main attraction. We wanted to make something full of complex flavors that would be delicious with any spirit.


Fun fact, I have only performed once at Karaoke and my chosen song was Cherry Bomb. 


Product photograph of a bottle of Cherry Bomb syrup with two cocktail glasses full of liquid


So, here's the origin story of Cherry Bomb:


It was a cold and rainy evening in Oakland, California. The streets were quiet, and the hills had just been washed with rainwater from an early fall storm. I was cooking up my weekly cocktail party for friends and neighbors, a typical event where I mixed up friends and acquaintances with cocktails and conversations. It was the perfect setting to test out our latest creations on anyone who wanted to try a new cocktail syrup. That night we introduced our newest handcrafted syrup, Cherry Bomb.


We wanted something with a unique flavor that would pair well with brown spirits and coffee. We fashioned a concoction full of luscious sour cherry, dark roasted coffee (decaf!), and bittersweet cacao. Cherry Bomb is able to mix well with brown spirits, including rum and bourbon and stand on its own as a coffee companion or become a spirited non-alcoholic beverage.


 Cherry Bomb syrup



My favorite Cherry Bomb cocktail is the Cherry Bomb Old Fashioned! 


I think its warm and romantic. Which makes it a perfect fit as a cocktail for chilly February.


The Cherry Bomb Old Fashioned Recipe:

2oz Bourbon

1oz Cherry Bomb Syrup

2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Instructions: Mix ingredients together over ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain over a large ice cube in a rocks glass. Garnish with 3 luxardo cherries on a pick.


Cherry Bomb also pairs well without alcohol. Try it with a cold brew coffee or enhance your soda water with its luscious essence. 


I hope you enjoy this tale of how Cherry Bomb came to be!


Pick up a case of Cherry Bomb small batch syrup today!

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