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 Absinthia Vermut, Founder & CEO
My name is Absinthia, a name I was given by friends when I made my first bootleg bottles of absinthe way back before absinthe was legal. After tasting the first absinthes on the market after the ban was lifted in 2007, I started Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits.
I knew I could do better!
Absinthe at the Distiller
 I saw that people were trying absinthe and not liking it, comparing it to NyQuil, Jäegermeister, and that licorice candy they remember hating as a kid. This seems crazy to me because back in the day, absinthe was more popular than wine!
In fact, that is the reason why it was banned. 
 The French wine industry went on an anti-absinthe campaign, and it worked. Absinthe was banned all over the world for nearly 100 years. In the early 2000s, modern science proved that distilled wormwood is perfectly safe to drink, and thus, the ban was lifted.
 We make our absinthes with vintage Swiss recipes and organic ingredients, and our awards and press prove the quality of our absinthe. Most people who think they hate absinthe try Absinthia Absinthe and say,
“OH! I actually like it!”
Yep, we hear this sentence time and time again.

 What about our syrups? 

 ABsinthia Syrups Caged Heat Cherry Bomb Crimson Smoke Fairy Dust
Caged Heat, Sunset Magazine’s Mixer of the Year, was our first syrup, which we created with award-winning mixologist Jared Hirsch. We wanted to make a consistently spicy cocktail, which is impossible with fresh ingredients.
 Did you know the amount of spice in a pepper changes based on how much sun it receives while growing? Caged Heat solves this problem with a wonderful combination of tamarind, cardamon, and ghost pepper. 
 From there, we added Cherry Bomb, a rich combination of flavors to make a rum daiquiri or, my favorite, a Manhattan. Crimson Smoke is a smoky delight with Mezcal, combining cranberry, honey, and a cedar-smoked tea called lapsang souchong. 
 “I love the flavor is absinthe, but I don’t drink alcohol. What can I have?”
 This question led us down a path to create our award-winning Fairy Dust, a way to enjoy the flavors of absinthe without alcohol. Fairy Dust is a Gold medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
 From there, we realized our syrups make delicious, unique, and easy-to-make cocktails and are also great for nonalcoholic drinks! Any of our syrups with a splash of soda water or your favorite distilled nonalcoholic spirit and a squeeze of fresh citrus juice is an excellent alternative to the boring options when you choose not to drink alcohol.
 You can check out our awards here, including our recent wins at the Sunset Magazine Spirits Competition, where we won:
 Sunset Magazine Spirits Competition
Best Woman Distiller
Best Liqueur (Absinthia Absinthe Verte, Double Gold, 97 Rating)
Best Mixer (Caged Heat, Gold, 92 Rating)
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More about the founder:
Absinthia with Matt Sarafa, Celebrity Fashion Designer
Absinthia Vermut is an artist at heart. She attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and studied photography and art history, receiving her BFA. Four years later, she had her first taste of absinthe, and a legend was born. After launching Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits, she returned to school, receiving her MBA from Babson College to run a better business and easily share her products with the world. She has been in the SF Bay Area for over two decades. Her favorite part of the job is traveling to meet with customers and educate the world about absinthe, dispelling its myths, and explaining its truths.

She is starting a podcast called Green Fairy Tales Spring of 2023.