The Rebel Spirit

of Absinthia

My love of art history drew me to absinthe

My love of art history drew me to Absinthe. 

Artists like Van Gogh, Degas, Manet, Oscar Wilde, & Toulouse-Lautrec were inspired by the Green Fairy. My curiosity was peaked to experience La Fee Verte for myself. 

In 1996, I was invited to a party hosted by the San Francisco Cacophony Society, overflowing with art, music, free-spirited people, & my first Absinthe. 

 The drink was unlike anything I have ever tasted, or felt. A unique flavor, a heady effect: relaxing & inspiring. Exceptionally special. 

 On April Fool’s Day, 1997, my bootlegging career began. I was determined to share my love for Absinthe with others, even if it meant taking some risks. 

Absinthe was banned in the U.S. & had been for over 85 years. 

A rebel with a cause. 

I worked underground, made small batches & shared it with a select few who appreciated Absinthe’s unique flavor and effects. Honoring vintage recipes, I experimented, sourced different herb blends. The perfect formula emerged. 

To my delight, patrons quickly began to take notice. A following grew. 

Then, Absinthe became legal! It was time to take my passion to the next level. 

In 2017, Absinthia Bottled Spirits launched the first of four award-winning Absinthes.