Absgroni Recipe

Absgroni Recipe

Absgroni Recipe



1 oz Absinthia Supérieure Absinthe Barrel Aged
1 oz Campari
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
Garnish: orange peel


-Add the Absinthia Barrel Aged Absinthe, Campari, & Vermouth to a mixing glass filled with ice & stir until well chilled.
-Strain into a rocks glass filled with a large ice cube.
-Garnish with an orange peel


Absinthia Barrel Aged Absinthe

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Gold 2023 Bartender Spirits Award
Bronze 2023 London Spirits Competition

For fans of depth & character

Flavor Profile: vanilla, chardonnay-like oakiness, depth, and character, full-bodied, pleasant vanilla note, fennel, anise, sazerac, flavorful

Ingredients: base grape neutral spirits, grande wormwood, sweet fennel seeds, aniseed, coriander

Description: Absinthia Barrel-Aged Absinthe is a ground-breaking spirit with unparalleled taste. We take our hand-crafted Verte Absinthe and rest it in retired rye oak barrels for six months. The result is an Absinthe charged with depth & character.

Our Barrel Aged Absinthe introduces a new category in the Absinthe world. It presents a distinct spirit-forward flavor profile, making it enjoyable alone or added to cocktails to enhance depth.

Our Barrel Aged Absinthe achieves distinctive flavor from the unique aging process. The rye oak barrels impart notes of vanilla and caramel, & the color takes on a rich amber hue. All of our Absinthes are crafted with precision, authenticity, & quality to offer a smooth & elegant libation, just as it was 150 years ago.

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