A Laughter Filled Conversation with Barrel Strength Talent

A Laughter Filled Conversation with Barrel Strength Talent

Do you like learning about the history of Absinthe?

Absinthia Vermut Absinthe

Absinthia at Tales of the Cocktail July 2022

Reading about Absinthe's fascinating history is one of my favorite pastimes. I've read so much about its history that I began referring to myself as an Absinthe historian at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Absinthe historian is appropriate considering my enthusiasm for the Greeny Fairy and how everything I learn about it impacts how I make my Absinthe.

I had the great pleasure of sitting with Lia Niskanen for an interview at Fort Hamilton Distillery in Brooklyn, NY. Lia is the founder of Barrel Strength Talent and a leader in the advocacy and promotion of spirits education. Lia connects spirits producers, distillers, brand advocates, and educators with spirit enthusiasts of all levels.

Being interviewed by Lia was so much fun! We shared a good amount of laughter and talked about everything from Absinthe to Everclear, to art history and anti-absinthe propaganda.

Check out the full interview "A Date With Absinthia Vermut and the Green Fairy" at Barrel Strength Talent. And you can follow Lia's pursuit of spirit advocacy on Instagram.

Want to learn more? Head over to my blog posts about the influence of Absinthe posters on art history.



Grab a bottle of my Absinthe for your home bar. And check out my library of Absinthe cocktail recipes for some inspiration.

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