The Perfect Fall Drink | Features Zero Alcohol

The Perfect Fall Drink | Features Zero Alcohol

A Delicious Non-Alcoholic Fall Drink You Will Love

Welcome to my favorite easy Fall drink recipe. A warm blend of Cherry Bomb syrup and Cold Brew coffee is perfect for these late summer and early autumn days.

With the kids back to school and summer activities winding down, I find myself wanting something that evokes autumn but offers a caffeine boost as we adjust to new schedules. The weather in Northern California is that blend between late summer and autumn. With crisp, chill mornings and bright, warm afternoons. That's why I blend Cherry Bomb syrup with cold brew coffee for the perfect afternoon pick me up that hosts an in-between summer and autumn feeling.

What is Cherry Bomb?

Cherry Bomb syrup is one of our signature syrup flavors. Mixologist designed for home use, it is handcrafted and made in small batches. Cherry Bomb is both gluten and alcohol free, giving you a wide variety of options for what to mix it with.

Just like the name implies, this syrup packs some serious punch. It's scrumptious and decadent. Full of luscious black cherries that we blend with dark roasted coffee and add hints of bittersweet cacao. 

Cherry Bomb Cold Brew Recipe

In a tall glass, combine ice, syrup, and coffee and stir until well mixed. Add your favorite coffee creamer to make it creamy. Sip and enjoy!

Suggested Amounts

1 oz Cherry Bomb syrup

8 oz Cold Brew coffee 

I think you'll find this easy fall recipe to be a new favorite. Have you fallen in love with this combination? We sell cases of our syrups, so you don't run out. Purchase Cherry Bomb

Curious about how Cherry Bomb syrup can uplift other drinks? Check out our full library of recipes here.

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