Green Fairy Tea Party Recipe

Green Fairy Tea Party Recipe


The Green Fairy Tea Party cocktail recipe was created by Jared Hirsch, Sidebar Oaktown bar manager. The Green Fairy Tea Party is a fusion of Absinthia Absinthe and green tea that makes a cheerful and enjoyable cocktail.

1.5 oz Moroccan tea (gunpowder green tea, mint, & sugar)
1 oz Tempus Fugit Kina Avion D’Or Quinquina
.5 oz Absinthia Absinthe Superieure 
.5 oz Small Hand Foods gum syrup
.25 oz fresh lemon juice

Brew Moroccan tea by adding a full tablespoon of gunpowder green tea, a bunch of mint leaves, and a tablespoon of sugar to 2 cups boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes, strain, & cool. Shake and strain tea with the remaining ingredients into an ice filled Collins glass. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.


Recipe by Jared Hirsch, Sidebar Oaktown bar manager